Treatment Range

  • Guinot

Beauty Target

  • Slackening skin tone
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dull complexion

      Active Component

      • Biopeptides - boosts skin's elasticity, combined with the stimulating effect of electron currents, allowing for facial muscle stimulation


      After 1 treatment:
      • Lifted facial features (like "bodybuilding" for the face)
      • Skin tone tightened
      • Surface wrinkles faded
      • Pores minimised


          • Phase 1: In-depth biological cleansing and deep exfoliation allows the skin to breathe and be more receptive to beauty products
          • Phase 2: Expert extraction
          • Phase 3: Dynamic ionisation using massage rollers that release an alternating galvanic current to activate ingredients and in-depth absorption of the gel serums. The energy within the skin calls is stimulated and enzyme response quickened to repair damage and stress caused to the skin
          • Phase 4: Oxygenation by thermal infrared electrode. Oxygen levels are increased, cellular regeneration accelerated and toxins eliminated. Gentle heat is applied with oxygenating cream to help boost cellular activity and healing
          • Phase 5: Our signature facial massage has you relaxed and defines facial features while increasing blood circulation. Includes foot and arm massage
          • Phase 5: Mask


          This is a high-performance facial and includes 1 x FREE:

          • Eye brow wax
          • Lip and chin wax, or
          • Eye brow tint


          You can boost your facial with any of the following:

          • Dermalux LED
          • Microdermabrasion
          • VisageH20 Aquabrading
          • Chardonnay Grape AHA Peel

          Treatment Time

          • 1 hour

          Treatment Schedule

          You will see results after just one treatment. However, for optimal results, we recommend:

          • 1 treatment / week for 3 weeks
          • Then, 1 treatment a month as your regular facial 

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